The Maresca Brand

The Maresca brand (acronym of Mantovana Resine Calzature) was established in 1967 at the time of establishment of a company that identifies all the range of footwear products manufactured with the technique of PVC moulding by pressing.
The footwear products that led the Italian shoemaker Maresca to success are two classic articles: the fishing-hunting boot and the classic beach sandal.
In the 1970 - 1990 period the company manufactured scores of millions of PVC boots and beach sandals, the company's distribution network has, beginning from 1970, crossed the national borders and reached customers all over the world. 

Around the end of the 90s, the globalisation process broke the balance between supply and demand in the shoe’s market, which meant a profound crisis for several thousands of Italian shoes producers companies, like Maresca, who thrived on manufacturing economy shoes.
To deal with this crisis, the owners of Maresca, the Bellini family, planned a manufacturing strategy based on quality of footwear’s products and breadth of product range.
This strategy consisted in reallocating part of the range of products, up to that moment classified as economy shoes in the medium-high or luxury shoe market segments. 

Implementing this reallocation and manufacturing strategy for Maresca in a very large market has been possible thanks to technology and continuous innovation in the company:
  • A wide range of shoes and footwear moulds: The potential customers have the opportunity of choosing a wide range of base shoe models on which they can develop the type of product that best suits their needs without supporting heavy initial expenses; 
  • Planning and manufacturing the finished product outside the company: Maresca employs a wide range of professional model designers inside the company that follow the customer in choosing product, developing ideas, up to the development of the required sample, guaranteeing a high amount of confidentiality; 
  • Flexibility in the production department: this was the real revolution that the company underwent: in the beginning, Maresca produced a large number of shoes with little varieties of models and colours, and later on it started to produce smaller batches with several different colours and patterns, a production strategy that later turned out to be successful;
  • Finishing training courses: Maresca has taken care of properly training the finishing department staff to make them able to apply all types of accessories on shoes;

Today, Maresca can proudly claim to have overcome the crisis that plagued the shoemaking sector at the end of the 90s, as the Maresca brand today continues its tradition of economy shoes and at the same time develops projects and partnerships with several well known brands linked to the medium, high and luxury market segments of the shoe industry.

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