Credit card

If the payment of the goods purchased online on websites is carried out by credit card, the following credit cards belonging to the following circuits will be accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

TLS (Transport Layer Security international standard) assures that the card’s data input transactions are safely carried out by means of a data encryption system. None of the data concerning the credit card utilised for the payment is sent to website, nor can it be saved in the website’s archives.

During the card’s data input, TLS safe connection will be marked by a closed lock on the bottom of the browser’s window. According to the browser and operating system settings, a warning window may also appear to inform that a safe area is about to be entered. In case of error during data input it will be possible to go back to website and try to carry out the payment by credit card once again. At the end of the procedure, a page confirming that the payment has been correctly carried out will be visualised and a receipt of the transaction by credit card will be directly sent by e-mail to the concerned bank.

PayPal account

Paypal payment process is very similar to a standard bank account payment process; after opening the account it is possible to send or receive money and quickly carry out online payments. In addition, PayPal respects the highest safety standards in market and makes use of anti-fraud technologies that protect every transaction.

If you already own a PayPal account and decide to purchase goods by utilising it, after the order is sent you will be directed to PayPal cash page (SSL protected and safe transaction) where you will only need to enter the access credentials chosen during PayPal registration.

In case of order cancellation by the Customer, as well as in case of non-acceptance by Maresca Srl, the amount corresponding to the cancelled goods will be credited on the customer’s Paypal account upon order cancellation. Credit time terms related to the payment instrument chosen in Paypal account only depend on PayPal and bank system. Once the credit has been carried out on Paypal account, Maresca Srl shall not be considered as liable for possible direct or indirect damages due to delay in crediting the concerned amount depending on Paypal or bank system.

Maresca Srl reserves the right to ask the Customer for supplementary information (such as fixed telephone number) as to determine the actual ownership of PayPal account. Failing the documentation required, Maresca Srl reserves the right not to accept the order.
During no phase of purchasing procedure Maresca Srl has the possibility of learning information concerning the purchaser’s credit card or other modalities chosen in PayPal’s wallet. Therefore Maresca Srl shall in no case be considered as liable for possible unapproved or illicit use of credit cards by third parties upon the payment of products purchased on web portals. 

Bank transfer

In order to carry out the payment by bank transfer in advance it is necessary to indicate the order number attributed by the web site in the reason for payment. The shipment of products will occur after the receipt of your e-mail (or fax to 0375/87120) mentioning the data of the bank transfer in order to allow us to verify if our bank already accounted the transfer.
The bank transfer shall be carried out according to the following references:

*Reason for payment:
N° of order attributed by the website _________
Transfer date:
Name and Surname (order nominee)

Maresca S.r.l.
Via Mentana, 30-32-34
46019 Cizzolo (Mantova) - Italy
VAT n° and Tax Identification n°: 00140690207

Name of the bank:
INTESA SANPAOLO S.p.A. della Libertà, 10/12
46100 Mantova, Italia
IBAN: IT13Y0306911510007842230346

*The bank transfer’s reason for payment shall mention the following: the order number attributed by the website, the transfer date and the Name and Surname of order nominee.

Cash on delivery

The shipment of products will occur soon after the order will be entered through the website’s procedure. The payment shall occur to express carrier upon the goods delivery.

The carrier will contact the customer at the fixed telephone number that shall be mandatorily indicated upon the purchase in order to agree the time of delivery and immediate payment.
Cash on delivery payment method is allowed only in case of orders from Italy and for amounts not exceeding € 300,00 (three-hundred//00 Euro). Any order from abroad or for higher amounts shall only be paid by credit card or bank transfer. websites will save the purchaser’s personal details in their database, excluding credit card data; the latter will be handled in accordance with Privacy regulations. All rights provided for by 196/2003 legislative decree are granted to the user.
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