Maresca has always been a company that pays the utmost attention on its products' quality, a fact that becomes even more important when it comes to sanitary shoes, manufactured to allow customers (and wearers) to maintain foot comfort and well being thanks to its own line of sanitary shoes (named Maresca as well). The Saniflex brand identifies high-quality sanitary shoes and hospital shoes, professional sanitary shoes produced by Maresca, medic shoes that guarantee the well-being of the wearer's feet. The sole is in polyurethane, which allows the shoe to adapt and fit perfectly to the shoe's shape, so that the foot is not stressed during work and daily use. 

This page provides you a brief introduction on the key principles of Maresca's shoe production, principles that have helped this brand to become one of the greatest footwear producer company in Italy: 

This is one of the key features of the brands Saniflex and Maresca. These shoes are manufactured with a very accurate and custom-tailored production process for the purpose of guaranteeing duration, resistance and lightness to the final product. 

It is the product's added value. Every product is built by a skilled modelling shop that studies every detail of the shoe to ensure that it comfortably fits to the foot. 

This is one of the key features of Saniflex and Maresca collections. Every year we offer new products to better satisfy customers' needs. We offer an accurate research of new materials and lines of footwear, the study of anatomical shapes and profiles to suit all needs and a wide range of patterns and colours of the footwear’s production that follow the newest fashion trends that are at the base of every model of shoe, sandal, mule and each articles of the pvc shoes production. 

Maresca has always stood out for its dynamic outlook and its flexibility as all products are manufactured using the most advanced technologies and footwear’s moulds. It is for this reason that the company was able to successfully deal with the globalisation challenge and enter the Italian and European large distribution network and exporting also in the traditionally "difficult" global markets. Moreover, the company has been able, over the years, to focus its investments on the Saniflex line, the sanitary footwear line, creating a new way of "healthy walking".

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