A step forward towards sustainability. A2A energy from renewable sources

Maresca contributes to the protection of the environment thanks to the purchase of electricity produced by the A2A Group that supplies energy 100% coming from renewable sources, guaranteed by certificates of origin.

Maresca’s philosophy has always been based on sustainable principles and is in continuous transformation and evolution to maintain this direction.
The sustainability of sources, raw materials and waste disposal strongly influence the company’s decisions.

Fortunately, in the last years, the resources to be drawn on this side are increasing and allow to make more and more sustainable choices for the protection of the environment and human life.

Renewable energy sources are non-fossil sources (wind, solar, geothermal, wave, tidal, hydraulic, biomass, landfill gas, waste gases from purification processes and biogas) In particular, biomass means: the biodegradable part of products, wastes and residues from agriculture (including plant and animal substances) and forestry and related industries, as well as the biodegradable part of industrial and municipal waste.

With great pride we can add another piece to this great sustainability project by announcing that throughout 2022 we had the opportunity to buy electricity from the A2A group that produces it from renewable sources, guaranteed by certificates of origin.

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